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In this article, we want to give you some details of our partner program and state the exact figures of income you can get for advertising 1xbet betting

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Monetizing basics

1xbet is looking to cooperate with YouTube channel owners and social network administrators, offering an effective and profitable partner program. Website owners, online marketing specialists, arbitrageurs, and social network channels owners have a wide range of opportunities.

To make the process of registration as easy as possible, you may have a look at this article or the video guide. They will provide the complete information to help you to start working with us as a partner.

There are three main steps you need to take for profitable cooperation:

  • Sign up at our affiliate program website.
  • Attract a client to our betting website.
  • Get up to 25% of deposits of attracted players

We offer our partners a great variety of withdrawal methods. You may get the details on commission withdrawals from the article “Using player account as a withdrawal method”.

We work on weekly payment terms. If you have more than $30 in your partner account by the day of payment, your profit will be automatically transferred to your preferred withdrawal account. You can learn more at our TERMS AND CONDITIONS page.

Our company helps you to make your advertising work as efficient as possible using our statistics and analytics instruments. It gives you a possibility to improve your work with the information provided in our reports and thus gain more profit.

Monetization for websites and social networks

We use Revenue Share as a business model for our partner program. It is a model that involves getting a part of revenue that our company takes in. That means that 1xBet provides a percentage-based reward for referring new customers instead of a flat fee. Your income is unlimited and is equal to up to 25 per cent of the pure income of the company.

The more players you attract, the higher your rate in interest is. 1xbet always informs you about the change of your rate in interest via an email.

Our commission structure has multiple benefits:

  • Motivation for attracting more active players
  • Greater rates in interest for major partners
  • Convenient partners grading.

How much does 1xBet pay for YouTube ads

YouTube channel owners have a great opportunity to cooperate with 1xBet and gain money on advertising. The terms of payment are equal to the terms of website owners and social network managers, but we can consider making individual contracts with a blogger.

How much does 1xBet pay for YouTube ads

To sum up

Now you know the amount of income you can get from Revenue Share of our partner program. The article pays attention to major aspects of the website, social network and YouTube blogs monetization, to the terms of forming the commission and its benefits for our partners.